STRATEGIC PLAN :: Formal and Informal Mandates

1999 - Prepared by the Sanford Consulting Group

The formal and informal mandates should be designed to achieve FGCA's goal of "improving the flow of information from local government agencies to the public." Once mandates are identified, stakeholder analysis commences. Once stakeholders are identified and defined, the association's mission statement or organizational purpose, is synthesized.

Formal Mandates. Formal mandates of the organization include what an organization is required to perform. They are found in by-laws, financial reporting or charters which govern the organization.

FGCA's formal mandates are clearly spelled out in the by-laws, the governing document of the organization. The FGCA by-laws address issues such as delegates and voting procedures, duties of the officers, meeting requirements, committee design, membership, ad dues. More specifically, the formal mandates of FGCA include but are not limited to:

  • Conducting an annual meeting;
  • Assuring a quorum at a board meeting;
  • Members paying annual dues; and,
  • Maintaining a membership of strictly city, county and school board employees.

Informal Mandates. Informal mandates include activites or duties which are performed as a result of what has come to be expected by an organization. They are not structured or as well defined as formal mandates. The informal mandates may have come about due to traditional performance of duties such as generating certain reports. Informal mandates may also include activities which the organization performs as the activites become entrenched as part of the day-to-day organizational operations. FGCA's informal mandates are:

  • To meet and exchange ideas on how to learn to perform each member's job better and more effectively;
  • Provide professional development training;
  • Share professional resources;
  • Network and maintain communications with one another; and,
  • Promote the profession of government communicators.

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